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Thornton Fence Consulting Group was established in 2022 by founder and visionary, Tony Thornton, a 45+ year veteran of the fencing industry with a vast level of experience as a contractor, supplier/distributor and manufacturing. While working with others and owning his own companies, he gained experience in sales, operations, installation, and project management and began developing efficiency methods that streamlined the processes that highlighted the importance of profitability.

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Tony Thornton

Tony's humble beginning into the fence industry happened at age 15 when a neighbor and family friend, stopped by while he was cutting his lawn and was told to "get in the truck, done talked to your dad, we going to build a fence" - and that day started his career. That family friend and neighbor was Mr. Jere Jefcoat and every summer between junior high, high school and even college, Tony worked for Jefcoat Fence Company in Pearl, Mississippi.

The college life wasn't Tony's focus so after a year and half of a local Junior College, he decided to go to work full time at Jefcoat Fence Company. He quickly learned all aspects of the fence industry both residential and commercial that includes chain link, wood, ornamental, vinyl and agricultural fence. From a residential job to high-security type fence work, including gate automation and access control, Tony's knowledge in these areas, are all well documented and spoken of in the fence industry. Tony was the operations manager for Jefcoat Fence Company for 9 years before branching out on his own. He has worked and managed companies ranging from 1- 100+ employees and his strengths are evident in the development of efficiency procedures for all size companies.

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At age 29, Tony started his own business in the gate automation installation area of our industry. This company grew exponentially, and Tony expanded into one of the largest gate operator and access control distributors in the country. Through this experience, is where his passion for training and education began as the invent of UL and ASTM was introduced into the industry. His knowledge of these standards and unique method of delivery through education has always been one of the many strengths he brings to this next chapter for consulting.

Selling the distribution company in the early 2000's, Tony worked for DKS (Doorking) as a regional sales manager for nine plus years and was responsible for multiple states. He was also heavily involved with the in-house and regional training events throughout the country. His passion for education and supporting the fence and gate industry continued to grow and his background as a contractor and distributor, provided a wealth of knowledge to the gate automation industry.

More Recently

For the past eight years, (2014-2022) serving as the Executive Director for the American Fence Association, his knowledge of the fence industry and of the association needs served him well as the organization grew membership, developed education and training and most rewarding was the development of (ACI) Accreditation and Certification Institute that leads the fence and gate automation industry with several levels of certifications and accreditations as a third-party entity. Bringing a new level of professionalism and relevance to the fence industry, Tony has always strived to highlight that the fence industry professionals should be looked upon as true industry tradesman, just like the electrical and plumbing industries. No reason why as tradesman, we have to be looked upon as the "last contractor on the job".

Serving as Executive Director for these eight years, offered Tony an opportunity to speak, mentor, support and coach many companies that needed help to take the next step towards being efficient and profitable. Speaking with hundreds of fence companies annually, a common theme developed through this interaction- everyone had the same problems and no special antidote to fix it. Those companies that allowed his mentorship will provide positive feedback in all areas of sales, operations, installation and project management about his knowledge and expertise in the fence industry.

His passion as always been to teach, educate and provide training to industry professionals to enhance their opportunities for training, retaining, and growing their company and Thornton Fence Consulting Group focuses on organizational structure and building a company culture that will drive a stable and proven track record of success.

Tony and his wife, Tammy have been married for 39 years and they have two children and six grandkids that keep them busy. His motto is "Life is Good" and promotes this everyday through living his passion.

A favorite book called the Inner Voice- Unlock your Purpose and Passion by bestselling author Russ Whitney is what motivated Tony to start Thornton Fence Consulting Group and from this reading, the focus of "Master my own change- Pursue my Passion" was born!

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